The Most Action Packed Program Ever

We have a full day of FUN and CRAZINESS for your kids to enjoy!

Get ready to rock the April school holidays.​ Our Totally day out school holiday program is designed to unleash your child's inner rock artist and ignite their passion for all things creative. From crafting unique masterpieces to exploring various art mediums, our program offers a wide range of creative activities that will inspire and delight.

BUT, that's not all Flip, Tumble, and shout like a wild rockstar!! Our activities also includes all things circus like silks, trapeze and lyra, tight rope and everything in between!

​They'll love spending a whole day with the Totally Tumbling and Tricks family; they'll get to be little acrobats for the day, flipping around, discovering handstands on canes and becoming expert jugglers and hula hoopers. Turn up the volume, let's have a rockin' good time!

Our Totally Day outs are the best! Craft, tumbling, games and all-day-care for your kids so you can work or just have the day to yourself! They always book out, so be sure to get in quick.

At Totally Tumbling And Tricks, we believe that variety and MESS make for a whole lot of fun! We've created an original program that allows kids to try new things, learn new skills, get moving, and unleash their creativity across a massive range of activities. With every beat, we're on a rock 'n' roll adventure.

Find out why students leave happy and exhausted in our program and why they can't wait to come back to the next one!

1 day for $85

- Planned activities from 9am to 3pm. Before 9am and after 3pm, we are playing
games, watching a movie or hanging out on the aerial equipment!

- Run away with the circus and learn how to juggle, hula hoop,

do spinning plates, walk on stilts and heaps more!

- Learn new aerial skills on silks, lyra & trapeze

- Flip around and learn tumbling and acrobatics

- Arts & crafts

- Games

- A whole heap of fun!

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